Thursday, May 19, 2016


Everything you need to set up your superhero themed classroom!

This pack (over 1000 pages) includes:

-        Calendar Set.

-        12 months posters.

-        Behavior management chart (3 pages).

-        20 door super heroes.

-        33 daily schedule cards.

-        6 EDITABLE blank schedule cards.

-        10 subjects posters: Art, Math, Music, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, Library, Lunch.

-        10 student binder covers:
Art, Math, Music, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Spanish.

-        30 classroom job displays:
Lunch counter, board manager, librarian, snack manager, drink manager, room janitor, door holder, messenger, lunch helper, gardener, light monitor, attendance secretary, organizer, clip chart helper, pet keeper, calendar helper, secretary, line monitor, line leader, substitute, computer monitor, pencil sharpener, table captain, paper passer, teacher´s assistant, chatter checker, materials monitor, classroom greeter, star of the week, caboose.

-       12 EDITABLE blank classroom job displays.

-        5 Hall Passes.

-        4 medals.

-        1 welcome card.

-        1 thank you card.

-        8 student desk name tags.

-        2 classroom rules posters.

-        1 birthday certificate.

-        4 classroom posters.

-        Voice level chart (3 pages).

-        14 reading genre mini posters:
Informational, biography, fiction, poetry, historical fiction, realistic fiction, drama, non-fiction, fables, fantasy, folk tales, myths, fairy tales, mystery.


-        Labels:
Number of days in school, Number of days left in school,    Lunch menu, Lunch money, Recess clips, Fun stuff, Stickers, Big books, Smart board, trash can, gym shirts, homework, pencils, art smocks, cds, dvds, library books, phone, cubes, erasers, paint, liquid glue, crayons, rulers, clock, fancy scissors, buttons, blocks, scissors, colored pencils, fake money, markers, recycle bin, computer, chalkboard, paper, calculators, bulletin board, cage, lights, sink, soap, closet, pencils, index cards, feathers, hot glue gun, craft items, paper, magnetic letters, craft items, literacy center signs, class pet supplies, math center signs, catalogs, binder rings, calendar numbers, glue stick, construction paper, pipe cleaners, office supplies, crayons, chalkboard, whiteboard, backpacks, lunch boxes, first aid kit, band-aids, tissue box, bookshelf, window, puzzles, bathroom.  

-        86 EDITABLE blank labels.

-        Table numbers (1-8).

-        Guided reading: 12 posters.

-        Parts of speech: 8 posters.

-        Bloom´s Taxonomy: 6 posters.

-        Dolch Pre-Primer Sight Vocabulary: 40 cards.

-        Dolch Primer Sight Vocabulary: 52 cards.

-        Dolch First Grade Sight Vocabulary: 41 cards.

-        Dolch Second Grade Sight Vocabulary: 46 cards.

-        Dolch Third Grade  Sight Vocabulary: 41 cards.

-        Numbers posters (1-20).

-        Numbers poster (1-100).

-        Letters A-Z.

-        Superhero Clock.

-        Superhero Awards: 162 EDITABLE awards. 

-        Medals: 24 medals.

-        Medals: 24 EDITABLE medals. 

-        Pencil top celebrations: 40 different models.

-        Pencil top celebrations: 40 different EDITABLE models.

-   EDITABLE Labels 2.0 (131 pages). 

-  206 backgrounds, digital papers and borders!

- Colors Posters: Blue, black, brown, green, grey, orange, pink, purple, red, white, yellow.

Superhero Classroom Rules: 121 pages (65 pages are EDITABLE)